Photo courtesy of the Rotary Club of Hillside’s Publication, Along the Upper Road, The History of Hillside, by Jean-Rae Turner

Saybrook School - The New Hillside Innovation Academy
Building a Legacy of Academic Excellence

May of 1913, the recently appointed Hillside Board of Education, voted to add a second floor to the existing three-year-old-four-room Saybrook School. Saybrook School, one of the first two schools in Hillside, was named to represent the farms that comprised the Township of Hillside to include Woodruff, Conant and Saybrook at the time of its branching from Union Township.

Saybrook School served the districts preschool and elementary student population. Due to the increase in residents to the Township of Hillside, Saybrook Annex was built in 1922, following the expansion of the Hillside School, and the building of Hurden Looker School. As the Township and district continued to grow, A.P Morris School was built to house the preschool population with Saybrook School being used as office space for the Office of Special Education and the Board of Education.

In 2021, Saybrook School became the home of Hillside Innovation Academy, providing families with another middle school option.

Founded with a vision to offer a distinct and nurturing learning environment, Hillside Innovation Academy stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation. Hillside Innovation Academy was born from a commitment to providing students with more than just an education, but to cultivate a holistic, small learning environment that nurtures individual growth and fosters a love for learning. From the very beginning, our mission has been clear: to offer an education that transcends traditional boundaries and connects students with integrated curricular experiences that prepare them for a dynamic world. Our founders recognized that true education extends beyond the classroom walls and textbooks, which is why we have steadfastly believed in the power of partnerships and exposure to shape well-rounded individuals.

As we look ahead, our commitment to providing a small learning environment and fostering academic excellence remains as strong as ever. We are excited about the future possibilities for our students and the continued impact of Hillside Innovation Academy on their educational journey.